Bachelor’s Delight is a project by artist Jasmijn Visser in collaboration with designer S†ëfan Schäfer and historian Tristan Mostert, designed for Museum van Loon in 2015.

The exhibition takes shape of a quadriptych, with the website as the first part, together with a poster, digital installation, and objects from the museum’s inventory. These different elements can be viewed separately, but also inform each other. The poster operates as a guide through the website; a printed version can be obtained at the museum, a digital version can be acquired here.

Bachelor’s Delight follows an extensive historical research on the Atlas van Loon by Visser and Mostert. Schäfer and Visser used the museum’s eclectic interior in order to design the project’s visual identity.

Supported by Mondrian Foundation and AFK

Special thanks to Cato Koole, Philippa van Loon, Tonko Grever, Heerko van der Kooij and Anonymous Production